PE and Sport Premium Plan 2020/2021

Our Values


At St. Joseph’s our values are based on including all students in our sports and PE activities, providing the choice of a wide range of activities to stretch and challenge students according to their needs and abilities, and to reward effort and participation as well as achievement.

Our Vision


We are working towards a future where Sport and PE are as accessible, competitive and engaging as we can make them. We want to give every student the opportunity to take part and compete in a full range of activities, and to be able to reflect on their performance and record their own achievements. By working collaboratively with other schools, sporting organisations and parents, and by improving our own practice, we can make our vision a reality.

Our Provision

At present we offer:

Cricket, Cross-country running, Cycling, Dance, Football, Formula 24 Greenpower motor racing, Gym, Horse riding, Swimming, Table cricket, Track sports, Walking.