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Parent View

In order for Ofsted to get a clear understanding of the views of Parents and Guardians they have an online survey called Parent View, which has replaced the previous paper questionnaire.  Parent View asks for opinions on 12 aspects of school life, and for residential students, a further 5 aspects of residential life.  It gives Parents and Guardians the chance to tell Ofsted what they think about their child’s school.

The Parent View webpage can be accessed by the following link: www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk

The site provides information on the results of the survey so far.  These details, alongside an analysis of results and the progress made by pupils, is used by Ofsted when they are making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when.

For a copy of St Joseph’s latest Section 5 (Education) Ofsted Report please click here
Unique Registration Number: 125456


St Joseph’s registered as a Children’s Home in May 2013 enabling us to provide all year round care for our students.
Children’s Home Registration Number: 2502382

Ofsted inspect all children’s homes twice a year on a completely unannounced basis.

Our most recent education inspection rated St Joseph’s as Outstanding, the most recent Children’s home inspection rated St Joseph’s as Good.

The report highlighted that the staff are highly knowledgeable about the needs and circumstances of each child, with each child receiving individual support within a safe and caring environment.

Please click the link below to view recent Children’s Home Inspection Reports

Registered Children’s Home July 2022