Relationships and Sex Education

Relationships and Sex Education in a school context is a positive opportunity to help young people deal with maturing into adulthood. It is a chance to address the needs of students through a Catholic perspective. In a world that may present different pressures and values it will help them to make their own informed judgements. Although factual information about bodily changes in puberty, conception and childbirth is important, emphasis is placed upon values and the exercise of personal responsibility.

Our teaching in this area is aimed at encouraging students to have due regard to moral considerations within the context of Catholic ideals and the value of family life, and embraces children living in other situations.

We recognise through the media and from their peers children are at risk of exposure to overt and covert sexual images and messages. Many of these messages are either mythical or misunderstood and the added dimensions of prejudice, sexism and discrimination may complicate an already confusing picture.

Information about sex and sexuality must be given in the context and value of human relationships and the sound basis of Catholic teaching will provide a strong moral framework to all that is taught in school.

Relationships and sex education is embedded within the PSHE and RE curriculum.