Humanities are mainly taught in cross-curricular studies, where teachers ensure the development of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills to enable students to learn and communicate Humanities concepts with confidence.

The teaching aims to ensure that students develop historical, geographical and cultural knowledge. Students gain skills and understanding of chronological order, events, people and changes in historical and geographical interpretation. Students are taught to communicate about History, Geography and modern cultures in a variety of ways.

This exploration encourages students to participate in different methods of enquiry, evaluate the evidence that they find, and apply and communicate their findings effectively. These experiences, in and outside the classroom, will help students to become ambitious, capable and ready to learn throughout their lives.


Course Content

Humanities is encompassed within a sequence of topic themes planned in a four year cycle.

All students in College take part in our annual Humanities days and educational visits beyond the local community. This provides students with opportunities to widen their experience and to encourage personal independence.

A multi-sensory approach is used to help students experience, explore and investigate historical, geographical and Modern Foreign Language (MFL) concepts. Students may be taught in groups, pairs or individually as appropriate. This allows the students’ acquisition of Humanities skills and knowledge through direct teaching, teacher led discussion, their own questioning, ICT, hands-on fun activities and observation.

In MFL students have opportunity to explore and discuss the different languages, cuisines and cultures of countries such as France, Spain and China.

Humanities Community Cohesion