Governors are volunteers who help to run the school operation. The strength of a governing body lies in working together as a collective. Governors do not have individual powers and therefore teamwork is essential. Governors are responsible for the strategic development and direction of the school operation and act as a critical friend to the school operation.

Education Governing Committee Composition & Roles

Education Governing Committee Meeting Attendance

The Remit of Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body has responsibility for ensuring that St Joseph’s school operation fulfils the aims and values encompassed in our vision and mission.

  • We are accountable for the performance of the school operation
  • We plan the school’s future direction, set aims and objectives as well as targets for achieving objectives
  • We provide advice and support to the school and act as a ‘critical’ friend whilst maintaining a positive and effective partnership with the school operation’s Senior Leadership Team and other staff
  • We make decisions, agree and monitor the school operation’s budget
  • We make sure that the National Curriculum is taught, appropriately adapted for the special needs of our students
  • We promote high standards of educational achievement
  • We decide how the school operation can encourage students’ spiritual, moral and cultural development
  • We make sure that the school operation provides for all its students, including those with complex and challenging needs
  • We review and monitor progress within the school operation within the strategic framework.


Our Governing Body is made up of a combination of at least one member appointed by one or more local authority, at least one member elected by teachers at the school from among their number, at least one member elected by, or appointed to represent, parents of children at the school.

Our Meetings

In addition to our Governing Body, our meetings are attended by the Executive Principal, Clerk to Governors and invited members of staff.

If you have a matter you wish to raise regarding the day-to-day running of St Joseph’s school operation, in the first instance, please contact our Executive Principal or Head Teacher.

Minutes of meetings are available on request, please contact our Clerk to Governors:

If you have any queries for our Governing Body, please contact our Clerk to Governors: