School Community

‘St Joseph’s is a school where families can feel wanted and recognised for their strengths and potential’.

At St Joseph’s we believe it is extremely important for families to become fully involved partners in their child’s learning. We try to involve and consult with families on as many school level decisions as possible. St Joseph’s continually seeks new ways to extend and improve this involvement.

St Joseph’s recognises that the school and the home share responsibility for the children’s and young people’s learning. It acknowledges that both parties have expertise in this area, and that by sharing this knowledge fully with one another, they can increase the student’s progress and well being. In order to support learning at home, carers, teachers and therapists discuss strategies with families that will assist students with skills they need to improve. To increase the success of this process, the school and families agree how they will work together, at the termly review meeting.

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School Community Resource Area

St Joseph’s has developed a small resource area for use by the whole community. This contains journals, books, videos and DVDs.

Wider Community

‘The best relationships are those that are productive, rewarding and satisfying to all’.

Our wider community is a tremendous resource that does much to increase the effectiveness of the school.
St Joseph’s positive partnership with the community is based on trust, mutual respect and the belief that community participation is a shared responsibility that enhances achievement and opportunities for all our students.

Successful links have been built with local mainstream and independent schools. We embark on joint projects together and students from Joseph’s have accessed courses at these schools.

St Joseph’s has strong links with the Deanery Schools, the Cranfold Confederation and Teacher Training alliances. This has involved both sharing expertise and supporting CPD. By belonging to learning networks and participation in events, we enrich the quality of education being offered at St. Joseph’s.

St Joseph’s maintains excellent relationships with local businesses, industries and community organisations. Many of these support our extensive supported Work Experience Programme. Our employers have built up an extensive knowledge of how best to work with our students, giving them the opportunity of an extremely positive experience of the working world.