Speech & Language Therapy

St Joseph’s considers communication a vital part of our students’ development. Speech and Language therapists work alongside education colleagues in the classroom to deliver an embedded therapy model where development of speech and language skills can be modelled, and interventions delivered throughout the day. Each student at St Joseph’s is assessed by a Speech and Language Therapist upon entry and has individualised targets set that are functional, meaningful and motivational.

During individual and group sessions, therapists work with students to improve their speech, their understanding and use of language, their social skills and their emotional intelligence. St Joseph’s uses a total communication approach, where communication is supported with signing, symbols and objects of reference, as required.

The Speech and Language Therapists support students in their education day, in their care settings, in the community and during work experience to generalise their communication skills and prepare them for their futures.

Speech and Language Therapists work collaboratively with teaching staff, care staff, families and the wider multidisciplinary team to provide a holistic therapeutic service, whereby communication strengths and needs are taken into account and prioritised in all areas of the students’ day.

Our aim is always to encourage the students to become the most independent, effective, and confident communicators that they can be. This enables them to build relationships and experience occupation/leisure to their full potential.