St Cecilia’s Christmas Enterprise

IMG_4935Lucy S led the class enterprise this term. She looked at some ideas on Pintrest and suggested them to the class. They finally decided on the bright idea of recycling spoilt jigsaw puzzles, making them into beautiful heart decorations.IMG_4945

First of all they made a prototype, asked staff and students in the college whether they thought they would buy them and if the hearts were of good enough quality to sell.

With lots of positive feedback St Cecilia’s class went ahead with full production.

IMG_4941Puzzles were sourced from local charity shops, then painted different colours. Market research suggested that white was the most popular colour, so the majority of hearts were made white. Students then glued them together to make three different sized heart shapes.

Charlotte really enjoyed working on theIMG_0050 stall and seeing the profits rolling in. Jigsaw hearts were so popular, they sold out completely even before the Christmas Fair ended.

The class plan to use some of the profits for their next enterprise but also to have a well-earned celebratory outing together.