Family Link Worker

Family Link Worker

Liz Yeo is our Family Link Worker (FLW).  Liz is full time and works both term time and during the holidays. Liz is available to provide support to both children and their families. She would be very happy if you just want to contact her for an informal chat, if you have a quick query or would like advice, however minor!  

 The role of a FLW is to:

  • to offer support to students and their families on a wide variety of issues
  • to promote positive behaviour
  • to support improved communication between home and school
  • to support extended learning
  • to help improve attendance and engagement

Liz can provide one-to-one support and advice, signpost to other agencies and also provides therapeutic support groups for parents and carers. She will hold meetings at school, visit you at home or arrange a meeting in a convenient location.

Who can the FLW help?

  • Families experiencing difficulties in managing their child’s behaviour
  • Children who are withdrawn or anxious
  • Families whose children are not attending school or who have been excluded
  • Children and families who may need support on a wide range of issues, such as challenging behaviours, parental separation, bereavement, illness or domestic violence.
  • Families who would like help and advice with filling in forms eg. accessing grants for equipment, housing, benefits, disability living allowance etc.
  • Families who require advice regarding decisions made by the local authority including statementing and the SENDIST appeal process.

For more information see our Family Involvement Guidelines

Contact Liz via:

 Mobile: 07734 392372 


 Tel: 01483 272449