External Work Experience

Tim and George have both had interviews at Sainsbury’s in Cranleigh.  Mary, their new boss was so impressed she gave them the jobs straight away!  Both boys are very proud to wear the store’s uniform with their name badges.

Tim goes each Thursday morning; he managed to fill his cardboard trolley twice over during his second session there! So far Tim has also managed to help four customers find the products they were looking for. I wonder if you would know where to find the couscous?

George has been good at problem solving, he has to decide which shelves need attention and how to best make them look good for customers.   He has also been very good at remembering that when he is working his shift he needs to sign in and out of the store.  Both students are working towards completing their roles as independently as they can. They have made a fantastic start.

Hania is doing well at Oxfam bookshop. HaniaThis week, Hania sorted all the children’s books and DVDs into alphabetical order, separating children’s books from teen fiction and then had time to spare to price and refill the cookery and gardening sections with new books. This is a picture of the shelves all neat and tidy after Hania had finished her great work. Her next target is to do the pricing independently.

Frank has had his trial shift and interview to work at Café on the Park at Dunsfold. He will be making sure front of house is clean and tidy, and also take responsibility for restocking shelves and vending machines. During his trial shift he prepared, cooked and packed a pizza. At the time he thought it was for a customer but in fact the café owner was so impressed she told Frank to take it back to college to share with his class. Eventually, he will learn how to use the coffee machine and to serve customers on the till.

Joel continues to work at Sayer’s Croft. The weather has mostly been kind to him so he has been able to collect all the hay into stacks and then place it on the trailer to be stored for the winter.

Joe has settled in well at Knight’s Garden Centre. He enjoys the routine of labelling numerous plant pots and is satisfied when he completes a task. He is also skilled at removing the moss that grows between the paving slabs around the nursery.

Lewis is doing really well at Rainbow’s End Pre School. Both staff and children look forward to seeing him. He helps the children with their learning by asking them questions as they play at the sandpit. Lewis helps to give the children their snacks during the morning, so he has had to learn all the names of the pupils! He has also been helping Green Group with Harvest paintings and baking bread for their celebratory Harvest meal.