When the students reach Key Stage 4 they are offered a choice of five different enterprise groups to join. Currently these are:-

  • Catering
  • Workshop
  • Cards and Bags
  • Horticulture
  • Pottery

Each of the enterprise groups is run on a business model where the aim is to design a product that the public want to buy. They discover this by doing market research. Following their decisions they then make this product, price it to make a profit, advertise and take it to market.

The enterprises are adapted to the students that select it as an option and differentiated outcomes and roles are developed.

There are also some students who have class based enterprises.

This is the Enterprise Model followed by the enterprise groups in the college setting.


The products are sold internally, at our fetes and special events at school attended by families and friends. This year we are investigating the option of a monthly market space. This allows students to see the product through from the design to the selling point with real retail and customer service experience.

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