We believe that all students can access Numeracy enabling them to reach their maximum potential.

Oxford, Cambridge and The Royal Society of the Arts

At St Joseph’s Specialist Trust, we teach the OCR curriculum. OCR provides a differentiated Functional Numeracy Curriculum for our three pathways:

  • Explorers
  • Discoverers
  • Adventurers

The OCR Curriculum contains 4 strands of numeracy that students learn about. These are:

  • Number
  • Space, Shape and Measurement
  • Data handling
  • Using and Applying

At St Joseph’s, students work towards OCR Entry Level Assessment Awards, progressing from one Entry Level to the next.

  • Entry Level 1 Functional Skills Mathematics
  • Entry Level 2 Functional Skills Mathematics
  • Entry Level 3 Functional Skills Mathematics

Entry Level 3 Assessment is designed to help a student move on to further qualifications such as GCSEs and / or NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications).

OCR Certificates of Achievement are also awarded to students working at P levels.

Connecting Steps is a ‘Work in Progress’ tracker, continually being updated by teachers assigning ‘Mastery’ to the different targets in each level for each student.

Every student has functional numeracy targets. These are linked to their abilities in either Performance (P*) Levels or National Curriculum (NC) Levels.
*P levels precede NC Levels.

Data gained from Connecting Steps is recorded on CASPA.  This helps identify students who would benefit from 1:1 interventions to enhance and improve their progress.

IXL is an online Maths programme which allows students to practise and consolidate maths skills learnt at school. It is very popular with students as their achievements are rewarded by earning virtual ribbons and prizes.

IXL can be done at home.
To obtain your child’s username and password please contact the school office:

Click on the following link to find out more about helping your child develop numeracy skills at home.

If you have a question or would like to know more about Numeracy education at St Joseph’s Specialist Trust, please contact us: