DT Horticulture

Horticulture is a practical activity introducing young people into the world of growing plants, fruit and vegetables and how our environment affects the world around us.

We have a lovely area for our faculty including kitchen gardens, potting shed, polytunnel, greenhouse, weather station and environmental area.

We grow fruit and vegetables which we cook, sell or take to the kitchens to be used in our school dinners. We also run enterprise projects where we make and grow goods to sell. We look at our environment where we make habitats, have a birdcam set up and take readings from our weather station. Older students can also participate in taking the Royal Horticultural Society Level 1 Practical Horticulture Award.

Each young person gets the chance to come and learn in our faculty and enjoy the experience associated with growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables. Study of this subject will enable the students to develop a greater awareness of where their food comes from and why looking after the environment is so important.

Yearly Planner Gardening For Fun

Yearly Planner KS2 and KS3

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St Joseph's Cranleigh in Bloom 2017 v02

The Seaside Garden

Guildford in Bloom

Guildford in Bloom

'The Seaside Garden' received a Silver Award at Guildford in Bloom, presented by the Mayor of Guildford

Silver Award presented by the Mayor of Guildford