Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 offers a broad and balanced programme of study following the International Primary Curriculum. The curriculum is appropriately modified to meet the needs of students and so across the four classes, the learning objectives and activities vary considerably in range.

To ensure smooth transitions between key stages two, three and four, all students are assessed individually and appropriate curriculum targets are designed. Alongside curriculum targets, students are supported to develop their communication, independence and life skills. We work closely with therapies to ensure that therapeutic approaches become embedded with educational practice, thus offering a holistic approach to student growth and development.

Weekly language visits, linked to current areas of enquiry and study, assist students in developing their communication skills. A weekly arts and a sports carousel provide opportunities to experience and develop skills in a range of disciplines. students have opportunities to work on food technology and design technology. Outdoor activities include swimming, trampolining, horse riding and horticulture.

On-going communication with parents is key for students’ consistent development. We communicate weekly both verbally and electronically with parents, providing photographs and comments on what the students have been doing.

All our students are unique and cherished. Our vision in Key Stage 3 is to foster independence, creativity and curiosity and celebrate achievement, no matter how small the step.

Entitlement Statement

This area is covered in PSHE and Citizenship.

Click on the following link to view the Entitlement Statements which are written with symbols of the student’s entitlements:

Entitlement Statement KS 1,2,3