Drama is a developing subject at St Joseph’s and is becoming increasingly interesting and imaginative. It encompasses all areas of the curriculum. It can increase self esteem, self assertiveness and help students to become more confident at interviews. It can also be used in role play for Citizenship and PSHE.

Drama can stand on its own or be cross curricular. It helps students to become more skilled at voicing their feelings and developing their imagination and communication skills.

Through the study of Drama, students gain a window on the world. They are given opportunities to see how other people in other cultures react to a variety of situations. It helps them to see beyond themselves and encourages exploration. It helps to develop speech, including voice projection and improvisation and it also helps to develop both fine and gross motor skills.

It can bring to life the past and the natural world and therefore provide a focus for History, Geography, Science and English. It can bring students and staff together. Through performance students can develop their presentation skills and use them effectively in core subjects. students who have difficulty in finding a presence within the school community can feel they have a role and become more confident.