Family Partnerships

Although staff and students would like to see families at St Joseph’s as often as possible – it is recognised and fully understood by staff, that many families find it difficult to take full advantage of the activities and celebrations on offer, due to the distance away they live, and various other family commitments.

Open Door Policy

We endeavour to make the school as open and accessible, as possible, to families, so that small problems don’t become large problems, for our students.

We believe in maintaining open and frank lines of communication between home and school, so that difficulties can be shared and we can all work towards the same goals. Where at all possible, an informal weekly telephone call is made, by education staff, to each family, to celebrate achievements and discuss needs.

In addition to termly and in some cases half termly EHCP interim reviews meetings, the school operates an ‘open-door’ policy, whereby families can speak to the Executive Principal or any other member of staff, at either the start or end of the school day.

Link Files

Home / School Link Files are used for St Joseph’s to keep families fully informed of achievements and progress at school, and for families to let us know of achievements and any difficulties that occurred over their time at home.


Written reports on students are prepared annually for the SEN Annual Review Meeting. Therapists and other professionals may also prepare reports at other times during the year.

Health Care and Wellbeing

Our Nurse and Health Care Assistants are fully aware of minor and longer term medical issues that may impact on student’s learning and wellbeing in school, such as asthma, epilepsy etc.  A nurse is always available to Families to discuss and, where appropriate, advise on these issues.

Events, Presentations, Celebrations and Masses

Families are invited to half-termly celebration Masses and other assemblies. Other events, presentations and celebrations such as our Annual Carol Service, Arts Week, Work Related Activities and Leavers Presentations, Sports Day and Christmas Fayre happen annually.  Coffee mornings are held once a month during term time, dates can be found in the school newsletters.  These events are well attended and always special for the families of the students who take part.

Family Workshops

Family workshops are held half termly.  These events are informative and great fun.  They usually end with a delicious supper and an opportunity to chat informally to staff and possibly more importantly other families.